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IFL Watches is a webshop by and for watch enthusiasts that are interested in technology, design and watchmaking. The shop aims to offer products to watch enthusiasts that they don’t find in any ordinary watch related webshop.

IFL Watches offer exclusive handmade products, carefully selected and thoroughly inspected. Quality, durability and materials are in focus.

Watch Stands – For the times when you need to take off your beloved timepiece

IFL Watches produce their Watch Stands in-house in Stockholm, Sweden. A Watch Stand offers a convenient and elegant place to display your watch for those times when its not on your wrist.

Their Watch Stands are crafted from natural stones, making every Watch Stand unique. Highly polished bars connects the marble base to the soft padded cushion that is angled to hold your watch in place.

Available in various configurations and in two sizes, for one or two watches.

Prices range from €179 to €279

Luxury Leather Watch Rolls – Keep your precious watches safe while on the move

As watch enthusiasts, we all need a good and secure place to store our beloved timepieces when we are on the move.
At IFL Watches you can find a wide selection of travel watch rolls and cases, all handmade in Tuscany, Italy from the finest Saffiano leather and suede.

The watch rolls come in various sizes and colours, from cases that store one watch up to four watches. While the exterior material is different on the cases, all their watch rolls are lined with Alcantara suede.

The cushions are easily detachable and fastened with two snap buttons. The divider make sure that the watches won’t scratch each other during transportation.

All in all, it is a perfect way to keep your watches safe and secure in an elegant fashion.

Prices range from €229 to €529

Orbit Winder – A gyroscopic watch winder

The Orbit Winder is not your ordinary watch winder. Handmade in Scandinavia, the winder combines the motion of a tourbillon with the functionality of a winder. It rotates on three axis thus making it a gyroscopic winder.

The Orbit Winder is delivered as a complete set with everything you need to keep your watch wound in absolute style. It has a glass dome to protect it from dust and comes with a holder that can be balanced to match the weight of any watch.

This gyroscopic winder comes in two different versions, one with an exclusive piano black lacquered base and one with a wooden walnut base. The polished stainless steel rings are quite mesmerizing to see in action while revolving around the watch.
It is powered by an electrical motor that runs silently and features two different operational modes.

The winder also features a speed selecting knob so you can choose the rotation speed of the winder.

Priced at €1,490

Watch movement cufflinks – The perfect treat for yourself or gift for someone you cherish

There are limited ways for men to express their unique sense of style through jewelry. IFL Watches address the problem by a new way to stand out from the crowd.  Their wide selection of watch cufflinks gives you an opportunity to add a personal touch to your outfit. After a long time of serving as the beating mechanical hearts in watches, these movements finds a new purpose to serve as cufflinks.

IFL Watches offer a wide selection of cufflinks with cufflinks made from movements by Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Zenith, Jaeger-LeCoultre to name a few. All the movements are non-functional but the automatic ones features a working rotor that will spin with the motion of its wearer. There are several different sizes available, in different colours and materials.

The watch movement cufflinks serves as the perfect gift for any occasion like Christmas, wedding, birthday or graduation. It is a guaranteed conversation starter. You won’t go unnoticed.

Prices range from €99 to €3,990.

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